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Weekly Events 

There are several weekly seminars and social events that run during the academic year. 

Astrophysics Colloquium 

The weekly colloquium features world-class astrophysicists speaking on current topics of astronomy & astrophysics research. Presentations are aimed at the graduate and post-graduate level, but are open to the general public. Astrophysics Colloquium is scheduled for Wednesday at 3-4pm for AY2024-25. The colloquium organizer this year is Christopher Theissen.

 Journal Club

The A&A program jointly hosts Journal Club at  noon on Fridays . The Journal Club is crafted to be a very informal and friendly environment where graduate students can present talks on any subject of interest to them, be it a recent journal paper, their own research work, or any topic. Pizza is served at noon for in-house UC San Diego talks, and at 1pm for external guest speakers. The Journal Club organizers this year are graduate students Emma Softich, Samuel Lu and Assistant Professor Christopher Theissen.


Bash (Balcony Astronomy Social Hour) is a Friday 4pm informal social hour that occurs on the SERF balony. Faculty, researcher, postdocs, and graduate students are welcome to attend. The BASH organizer this year is graduate student Lindsey Hands.

 Astro-ph Tea 

An astro-ph cofee and tea meeting is an informal 30 minutes discussion of the latest Astronomy & Astrophysics papers that are hitting the arxiv. Astro-ph coffee is organized by postdocs and graduate students. The Astro-ph for this year is coined "JWST tea time" and is occurring at Monday 3:30pm this year and is coordinated by Sanchit Sabhlok.