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Graduate Alumni

A list of graduate Ph.D. alumni in the field of Astrophysics at UC San Diego. The alumni list includes Ph.D. in degrees in Physics, Engineering, and Astronomy & Astrophysics. This page was started from the previous Center for Astrophysics & Space Sciences webpage, and used the Geisel Library records for completion. 


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Russell, Megan  2024 Physics Designing cryogenic readout and modeling noise in Cosmic Microwave Background experiments K. Arnold
Choban, Caleb 2023 Physics Modeling Interstellar Dust Evolution in Cosmological Galaxy Simulations D. Keres
Aganze, Christian 2023 Physics Galactic Archeology with Brown Dwarfs and Stellar Streams in Large-scale Surveys A. Burgasser
Gonzales, Daniel 2023 Physics Using the Einstein-Infeld-Hoffmann Equations to Determine the Equivalence of Rotational Frames with Gravitational Forces: A New Tool For Cosmological Investigation T. Murphy
Silva-feaver, Maximiliano 2023 Physics Microwave SQUID Multiplexing for the Simons Observatory Cosmic Microwave Background Telescopes K. Arnold
Siebert, Joseph 2023 Physics Integration and Validation of the Simons Observatory Small Aperture Telescope K. Arnold
Gerasimov, Roman 2023 Physics Evolution, Atmospheres and Chemistry of Ancient Stellar Populations A. Burgasser
Wagner, Rick 2023 Physics Fast Measurements of Two-Point Statistics in Simulations of Supersonic Isothermal Turbulence M. Norman
Wilcomb Houck, Kielan 2023 Physics Moderate Resolution Spectroscopy of Directly Imaged Exoplanets Q. Konopacky
Chen, Chang-Chun (Samantha)  2022 Physics Momentum and Heat Transport in MHD Turbulence in Presence of Stochastic Magnetic Fields P. Diamond
Wells, Azton 2022 Physics  Physically Motivated Sub-grid and Surrogate Models of Star Formation and Feedback in Eulerian Adaptive Mesh Cosmological Simulations M. Norman
Chih-Chun, Hsu (Dino) 2022 Physics Kinematics, Multiplicity, Rotational Dynamics, and Population Properties of Ultracool Dwarfs Inferred from High-Resolution Near-Infrared Spectroscopy A. Burgasser
Ito, Jennifer 2022 Physics Characterization and Deployment of the POLARBEAR-2b Receiver to Measure the Cosmic Microwave Background Polarization K. Arnold
Cosens, Maren 2022 Physics The Properties and Evolution of Star Forming Regions Over Cosmic Time S. Wright
Chiang, I-Da 2021  Physics  Observations of Spatially Resolved Dust Evolution in Nearby Galaxies  K. Sandstrom
Heinonen, Robin 2021  Physics   Topics in Mesoscopic Turbulence Transport P. Diamond
Li, Jung-Tsung "JT" 2021  Physics  Aspects of Dark Matter Dynamics in Stellar and Cosmological Environments  G. Fuller
Lowry, Lindsay 2021  Physics  Preparation and Deployment of the Telescopes and POLARBEAR-2b Receiver for the Simons Array Cosmic Microwave Background Polarization Experiment  B. Keating
Berti, Angela 2020  Physics Interpreting New Galaxy Large-scale Structure Measurements and the Galaxy—Halo Connection  A. Coil
Navaroli, Martin 2020 Physics Precise Astronomical Polarization Angle Calibration and its Impact on Studying Lorentz and Parity Violation in the Cosmic Microwave Background B. Keating
Johns, Luke 2020  Physics   The phenomenology of neutrino oscillations in cosmology and core-collapse supernovae G. Fuller
Leung, Chun Kwan "Gene" 2020  Physics  Properties and Impact of Active Galactic Nuclei-driven Outflows through Cosmic Time  A. Coil
Leon, David  2020 Physics Using Cosmological Observations to Search for New Physics and Study the Structure of the Universe B. Keating
Herrera, Raul 2020 Physics Spectral Decomposition in Large Scale Nuclear Computations: Broken Symmetries of Chromium and Astrophysical PF-Shell Weak Transitions G. Fuller
Yanchulova Merica-Jones, Petia 2020  Physics  The Small Magellanic Cloud: Dust Extinction and Three-Dimensional Structure from Hubble Space Telescope Observations K. Sandstrom
Colmenares, Nicholas 2019 Physics An Existential Uncertainty - Calibrating the APOLLO Apparatus T. Murphy
Tawa, Sebastien 2019 Physics Triple-Alpha Process and the General Relativistic Instability in Super-Massive Stars G. Fuller
Chan, Tsang Keung 2019  Physics  The Impact of Stellar Feedback on Galaxies and Dark Matter Halos  D. Keres
Elleflot, Tucker 2019  Physics  Measuring the Polarization of the Cosmic Microwave Background with POLARBEAR-1 and Developing the Next-Generation Experiment POLARBEAR-2  B. Keating
Fan, Xiang 2019  Physics  Cascades, Spectra, Real Space Structure, Inhomogeneous Mixing and Transport in Active Scalar Turbulence  P. Diamond
Howe, Logan 2019  Physics  The POLARBEAR-2 Cryogenic Receiver for Cosmic Microwave Background Polarization Science  B. Keating
Schanning, Ian 2019  Physics Design, Implementation, and Analysis of an Algebra-based Treatment of Measurement Uncertainty  A. Burgasser; M. Anderson
Vayner, Andrey 2019  Physics  The Role of Quasars in the Formation of Massive Galaxies S. Wright
Hajjar, Rija 2018 Engineering Ecology of Flows and Drift Wave Turbulence: Reduced Models and Applications G. Tynan; P. Diamond
Li, Jiacong 2018 Physics Intrinsic Plasma Flows in Straight Magnetic Fields: Generation, Frictionless Saturation, and Interaction P. Diamond
Siritanasak, Praween 2018  Physics  Precise Measurement of B-mode polarization signal from CMB with Polarbear and the Simons Array  B. Keating
Azadi, Mojegan 2017  Physics  Multi-Wavelength Analysis of Active Galactic Nuclei and Host Galaxies Properties  A. Coil
Bardalez Gagliuffi, Daniella 2017  Physics  Spectral Binaries Hold the Key to the True Ultracool Binary Fraction A. Burgasser
Matsuda, Frederick 2017  Physics  Cosmic Microwave Background Polarization Science and Optical Design of the Polarbear and Simons Array Experiments  B. Keating; H. Paar
Patwardhan, Amol 2017  Physics  Neutrinos - The Light, The Dark, and The Vacuum: Various Studies In Neutrino Astrophysics and Beyond-Standard-Model Scenarios In Cosmology  G. Fuller
Tian, James 2017  Physics  Neutrino Flavor and Spin Transformations in Astrophysical Environments  G. Fuller
Chen, Pengfei 2016 Physics  The Effect of Inhomogeneous Helium ll Reionization on the Lylman Alpha Forest  M. Norman
Gustafson, Scott 2016  Physucs  Measurements of Primordial Deuterium and Lyman-Alpha Forest Evolution with High-Resolution Quasar Spectroscopy  D. Tytler
Hemphill, Paul 2015  Physics The X-ray Spectra of Accreting Pulsars: Studies of Three Sources Using Empirical and Phenomenological Models  R. Rothschild
Barron, Darcy 2015  Physics  Precision measurements of cosmic microwave background polarization to study cosmic inflation and large scale structure  B. Keating
Eldon, David 2015 Engineering Transitions Out of High-Confinement Mode to Lower Confinement Regimes in Tokamaks G. Tynan; P. Diamond
Grohs, Evan 2015  Physics  Self-Consistent Treatment of Neutrino Physics in Cosmology  G. Fuller
Hsu, Pei-Chun 2015  Physics  Potential Vorticity Dynamics and Models of Zonal Flow Formation  P. Diamond
Johnson, Nathan 2015  Physics  Lunar Laser-ranging with APOLLO: Nuts and Bolts and Science Results  T. Murphy
Neeleman, Marcel 2015  Physics  The Physical Conditions of Atomic Gas at High Redshift  A. Coil
Boettger, David 2014  Physics  CMB Polarization Measurements with the POLARBEAR Experiment  H. Paar; B. Keating
Chrystal, Colin 2014  Physics  Experimental tests of the theory of poloidal rotation in the DIII-D tokamak  P. Diamond
Feng, Chang 2014  Physics  Detecting gravitational lensing from the Cosmic Microwave Background  B. Keating
Kaufman, Jonathan 2014  Physics  Detection of degree-scale B-mode polarization and studying Cosmic Polarization Rotation with the BICEP1 and BICEP2 Telescopes  B. Keating
Mendez, Alexander 2014  Physics  Multi-wavelength population studies of Active Galactic Nuclei and Galaxies using PRIMUS and AEGIS  A. Coil
Misch, Wendell 2014  Physics   Weak Interactions of Hot Nuclei in Stellar Collapse G. Fuller
Vlasenko, Alexey 2014  Physics  Quantum Kinetics of Neutrinos in Hot Dense Environments  G. Fuller
Armstrong, Eve 2013  Physics   Probing the nature of cataclysmic variables via photometric studies on multiple timescales R. Rothschild
Cieplak, Agnieszka 2013  Physics  Constraining Dark Matter and Dark Energy Models using Astrophysical Surveys  K. Griest
Day, Aaron 2013  Physics  An analysis of astrophysics and fundamental physics from the Lyman-alpha forest  D. Tytler
Lee, Wing Kit 2013  Physics  Spiral Shock and Feathering Instability in Spiral Arms  F. Shu
Moyerman, Stephanie 2013  Physics  Sensitive Detection of CMB B-Mode Polarization: Instrumentation and Systematics  B. Keating
So, Geoffrey 2013  Physics  Direct Numerical Simulation of Cosmological Reionization  M. Norman
Zhao, Lei 2013  Physics  Anomalous electron-ion energy coupling in electron drift wave turbulence  P. Diamond
Cherry, John (JJ) 2012  Physics  Neutrino Flavor Transformation in Core-Collapse Supernovae  G. Fuller
Kosuga, Yusuke 2012  Physics  Macroscopic implications from phase space dynamics of tokamak turbulence: relaxation, transport, and flow generation  P. Diamond
Rivers, Elizabeth 2012  Physics  Exploring the Geometry of Circumnuclear Material in Active Galactic Nuclei through X-ray Spectroscopy  R. Rothschild
Suchy, Slawomir 2012  Physics  Cyclotron Line and Wind Studies of Galactic High Mass Xray Binaries  R. Rothschild
Bierman, Evan 2011  Physics  Millimeter-wave Polarimetry Instrumentation and Analysis B. Keating
Miller, Nathan 2011  Physics  Illuminating the Background: Topics in Cosmic Microwave Background Polarization Research  B. Keating
Lever, Edward 2011 Physics Theoretical and Observational Analysis of Particle Acceleration Mechanisms at Astrophysical Shocks K. Griest; K. Quest
Rafelski, Marc 2011  Physics  Star Formation in Damped Lyman-alpha systems and the Outskirts of Lyman Break Galaxies A. Wolfe
Whitmore, Jonathan 2011 Physics  The Fine-Structure Constant and Wavelength Calibration K. Griest
Pablant, Novimir 2010 Physics  Development of the B-Stark motional Stark effect diagnostic for measurements of the internal magnetic field in the DIII-D tokamak P. Diamond
McDevitt, Chris 2010  Physics  Multi-scale interaction of drift wave turbulence with large scale shear flows P. Diamond
Michelsen, Eric L. 2010  Physics  Normal Point Generation and First Photon Bias Correction in APOLLO Lunar Laser Ranging T. Murphy
Skory, Stephen 2010 Physics  Investigating a Method of Producing 'Red and Dead' Galaxies  M. Norman
Collins, David 2009 Physics Star formation with adaptive mesh refinement and magnetohydrodynamics M. Norman
Kishimoto, Chad 2009  Physics Falling through spacetime: Four studies in neutrino astrophysics G. Fuller
Sutterly(Smith), Christel 2009  Physics Primordial nucleosynthesis and neutrino physics  G. Fuller
Xu, Hao 2009  Physics The AGN origin of cluster magnetic fields M. Norman
Jorgenson, Regina 2008  Physics  Physical conditions in Damped Lyman alpha Systems A. Wolfe
Keating, Shane 2008  Physics  Wavy magnetohydrodynamic turbulence  P. Diamond
Wang, Zhan-hui 2008  Physics    P. Diamond
Amanik, Phillip 2007  Physics  Effects of non-standard neutrino flavor changing interactions in core collapse supernovae G. Fuller
Chan, Stanley 2007  Physics    P. Diamond
Thomas, Christian 2006  Physics  Microlensing results toward the galactic bulge, theory of fitting blended light curves, and discussion of weak lensing corrections K. Griest
Cooke, Jeff 2005  Physics  The mass of damped Lyman alpha systems at high redshift: Cross-correlation with Lyman break galaxies A. Wolfe
Jena, Tridivesh 2005  Physics  Precise measurement of the matter power spectrum amplitude and the background radiation amplitude M. Norman
Siana, Brian 2005  Physics  Optical-infrared selection of high redshift QSOs and the z = 3 QSO luminosity function H. E. Smith
Suzuki, Nao 2005  Physics  Cosmology from quasar spectra D. Tytler
Gürcan, Ozgur 2005  Physics  Nonlinear analysis of electron temperature gradient driven turbulence P. Diamond
Mitchell, David 2004 Physics A high-precision radial velocity survey of K giants H. E. Smith
O’Meara, John 2003  Physics  Cosmology from the high redshift intergalactic medium  D. Tytler
Holland, Chris 2003 Physcs Investigations of the role of nonlinear couplings in structure formation and transport regulation in plasma turbulence P. Diamond
Gruzinov, Irina 2002 Physics Two approaches to self -organization in plasma: Kinetic theory treatment for the dynamo problem and sandpile automaton model for pedestal formation in magnetically confined plasma P. Diamond
Dalal, N. 2002  Physics  Applications of gravitational lensing D. Tytler
Kalemci, Emrah 2002  Physics  Temporal Studies of Black Hole X-ray Transients During Outburst and Decay  R. E. Rothschild; L. E. Peterson
Schirato, Richard 2002  Physics  Neutrino mass and mixing schemes: Effects on supernova signal and an experiment for direct verification G. Fuller
Abazajian, Kev 2001  Physics  Neutrino astrophysics and cosmology G. Fuller
Coburn, Wayne 2001  Physics  A study of magnetic fields of accreting X-ray pulsars with the Rossi X-ray timing explorer R. E. Rothschild; K. Griest
Fleischer, Jason 2001  Physics   
Pruet, Jason 2001  Physics  Central engine weak physics and the role of neutrons in gamma ray burst fireballs G. Fuller
Safizadeh, Neda 2001 Physics  Detection of Extrasolar Planets via Microlensing and Occultation  A. Quirrenbach; K. Griest
Vandehei, Thor  2000 Physics Microlensing results toward the Large Magellanic Cloud and implications for galactic dark matter K. Griest
Kirkman, David  1999 Physics The physical properties of the redshift-three intergalactic medium from studies of QSO absorption line systems D. Tytler
Fleischer, Jason 1999 Physics Compressible turbulence in one dimension P. Diamond
Marsden, David 1999  Physics  X-Ray Observations of Soft Gamma-Ray Repeaters  R. E. Rothschild; L. E. Peterson
Prochaska, Jason X. 1997  Physics  The Physical Properties of Damped Ly-Alpha Systems: A Keck HIRES Investigation  A. Wolfe
Burles, Scot 1997  Physics  Measurements of the deuterium-to-hydrogen ratio in QSO absorption systems D. Tytler
Cardall, Christian Y. 1997  Physics  Towards limits on neutrino mixing parameters from nucleosynthesis in the big bang and supernovae G. Fuller
Sarmecanic, James 1997  Physics Physical and Chemical Properties of Cometary Dust Derived from Modeling of Mid-infrared Imaging Observations  B. Jones
Medvedev, Mikhail 1996 Physics Nonlinear dynamics of coherent Alfven wave packets P. Diamond
Bowman, H. Brian 1996  Physics  A Study of Galactic Structure in X-Rays and Gamma-Rays  L. E. Peterson, J. L. Matteson
Ford, Lyle A. 1996  Physics  Spectral Properties of Gamma-ray Bursts Observed by the Burst and Transient Source Experiment (BATSE)  L. E. Peterson; D. L. Band
McLaughlin, Gail 1996  Physics  Physics of Massive stars and Supernovae: Weak Interactions and Stability Analysis G. Fuller
Lebedev, Vladimir 1995 Physics Investigations in the nonlinear dynamics of tokamak plasmas P. Diamond
Gruzinov, Andrei 1995 Physics Nonlinear turbulent dynamo P. Diamond
Brittnacher, Mitchell 1995  Physics  A Linear Analysis of Tearing Instability in Magnetotail Equilibria  C. McIlwin; K. Quest
Oren, Abraham L. 1995  Physics  Faraday Rotation in Quasar Absorption Systems  A. Wolfe
Mello, Tina 1994 Physics Collective phenomena in granular fluids P. Diamond
Fisher, Brendan 1994  Physics  High Time-resolution Infrared Imaging of Jupiter  B. Jones; H. Hudson
Moore, David 1994  Physics  Narrow-line Regon Kinematics in Seyfert Nuclei  H. E. Smith
Piña, Robert L. 1994  Physics  An Array Camera for Mid-infrared Astronomical Imaging with Application to Extragalactic Astronomy and New Methods in Bayesian Image Reconstruction  B. Jones
Zhang, Wenli 1994 Physics An investigation of the dynamics of magnetohydrodynamic turbulence: The renormalization group method and the theories of momentum transport”; P. Diamond
Wang, Virginia 1994  Physics  Gamma-ray Burst Repetition: Biases, Evidence, and Implications  R. E. Lingenfelter
Kingsbury, Owen 1994 Physics Two-dimensional numerical simulation of trapped ion mode and drift wave turbulence P. Diamond
Zhang, Liwei Dennis 1994  Physics  A Test of Cosmic-Ray Interplanetary Transport Theory  R. E. Lingenfelter
Barlow, Tom 1993  Physics  Time variability of broad absorption-line QSOs E. M. Burbidge
Jedamzik, Karsten 1993  Physics  The Small-Scale Structure of the Early Universe  G. Fuller
Liang, Yi-Ming 1993 Physics Investigations of the validity of quasilinear theory and the dynamics of drift wave turbulence P. Diamond
Qian, Yong-Zhong 1993  Physics  Flavor-Mixing Effects of Cosmologically Significant Neutrinos on Supernova Dynamics and Nucleosynthesis  G. Fuller
Ware, Andrew 1992 Physics Theory of tokamak edge turbulence: Drift-thermal instability-induced turbulence and ionization-driven drift wave turbulence P. Diamond
Womble, Donna S. 1992  Physics  The Extent and Content of Low-Ionization Gas in Galaxies  E. M. Burbidge
Briggs, Michael S. 1991  Physics  Observations of Galactic Positron Annihilation Radiation  L. E. Peterson; J. L. Matteson
Chan, Kai-wing 1990  Physics Nucleosynthesis Gamma-ray Lines and Positrons from Supernovae  R. E. Lingenfelter
Gayley, Kenneth G. 1990 Physics  Hydrogen Line Diagnostics in Impulsive Flares  R. C. Canfield
Jung, Young-Dae 1990   Physics Photoionization of Many-Electron Atoms  R. Gould
Metcalf, Thomas R. 1990  Physics  Flare Heating and Ionization of the Low Solar Chromosphere  R. C. Canfield
Tamres, David H. 1989  Physics  Theoretical Studies of Proton Beams in Solar Flare Loops  R. C. Canfield
Soong, Yang 1988  Physics  A Study of the Temporal-Spectral Behavior of Hercules X-1: A Binary X-ray Pulsar  L. E. Peterson; R. E. Rothschild
Hueter, Geoffrey 1987  Physics HEAO-1 Observations of Gamma-Ray Bursts  L. E. Peterson; J. L. Matteson
Jung, Gregory V.  1986  Physics  The Hard X-ray to Low Energy Gamma-ray Spectrum of the Crab Nebula  L. E. Peterson
Zheng, Wei 1986  Physics  Time Variations of Emission Lines in Quasi-stellar Objects  E. M. Burbidge
Hua, Xin-Min 1986  Physics Neutron and 2.223 MeV Gamma-ray Line Emission from Solar Flares  R. E. Lingenfelter
Rodriguez-Espinosa, Jose 1985  Physics  Infrared Studies of Seyfert Galaxies and the Irregular Galaxy M82  B. Jones
Dermer, Charles D. 1984  Physics  Physics of Nonmagnetic Relativistic Thermal Plasmas R. Gould
Fisher, George H. 1984  Physics  The Radiative Hydrodynamics of Flare Loops Heated by Impulsive Bursts of Energetic Electrons  R. C. Canfield
Gunkler, Todd A. 1984  Physics  Observations and Analysis of Solar Flares Using H-Alpha Spectral Profile  H. E. Smith; R. C. Canfield
Woodward, Martin 1984 Physics  Short-Period Oscillations in The Total Solar Irradiance  H. S. Hudson
LeVan, Paul 1983  Physics Near Infrared Spectrophotometry of Seyfert Galaxies and planetary Nebulae in Helium 10830 H.E. Smith
Nolan, Patrick L. 1982  Physics Hard X-ray Emission from Galactic Black Hole Candidates L. E. Peterson
Ricchiazzi, Paul J. 1982  Physics  A Static Model of Chromospheric Heating in Solar Flares R. Gould
Knight, Frederick K. 1981  Physics X-ray and Gamma-ray Observations of Pulsed Emission from Radio Pulsars L. E. Peterson
Brin, David 1980  Engineering  Evolution of Cometary Nuclei as Influenced by a Dust Component
Junkkarinen, Vesa 1980  Physics Broad Absorption-Line QSOs  E. M. Burbidge
Puetter, Richard J. 1980 Physics  Observations and Interpretation of the Emission-Line Spectra of Quasi-stellar Objects H. E. Smith
Elcan, Michael J. 1979 Physics  The Solar Impulsive X-ray Spectrum L. E. Peterson
Paciesas, William S. 1978  Physics Hard X-ray Variability in Binary X-ray Sources  L. E. Peterson
Russell, Ray W. 1978 Physics An Analysis of Infrared Spectra of Gaseous Nebulae with an Emphasis on NGC 7027 
Rephaeli, Yoel 1977 Physics  X-Ray Emission from Clusters of Galaxies R. Gould
Harms, Richard J. 1976  Physics Digicon Spectrophotometry of the Lambda Orion HII Region
Mushotzky, Richard F. 1976 Physics Observations of Hard X-rays from Extragalactic Objects  L. E. Peterson
Wheaton, William 1976 Physics  Observation of the Galactic Hard X-ray Background from OSO-7 Satellite L. E. Peterson
Cordes, James 1975 Physics Pulsar Microstructure: Time Scales, Spectra, Polarization, and Radiation Models B. J. Rickett
Forrest, William 1974  Physics Circumstellar Grains and the Intrinsic Polarization of Starlight M. C. Cross
Gruber, Duane E. 1974  Physics Observation of Pulsed and Non-Pulsed Gamma Radiation from the Crab Nebula near 1 MeV L. E. Peterson
Ling, James C. 1974  Physics Spectra and Angular Distributions of Low Energy Atmospheric Gamma Rays at
Gamma = 40 Degree 
L. E. Peterson
Laros, John G. 1973 Physics  A Study of Hard X-ray Emissions from Supernova Remnants L. E. Peterson
Nordsieck, Kenneth H. 1972  Physics A Dust-Radiation Instability in Ionized Nebulae, the Angular Momentum of Spiral Galaxies, and a Search for Circular Polarization in Extragalactic Objects P. O. Vandervoort
Blumenthal, George R. 1971 Physics Astrophysical Applications of High-Energy Electromagnetic Phenomena R. Gould
Matteson, James L. 1971 Physics An X-ray Survey of the Cygnus Region in the 20 to 300 keV Energy range L. E. Peterson
McKenzie, David L. 1971 Physics A Study of Correlation of hard Solar x-Ray and Radio Emission L. E. Peterson
Pelling, Michael R. 1971 Physics A Study of Simultaneous Optical and X-ray Observations of Scorpius X-1 L. E. Peterson
Cox, Donald P. 1970 Physics Calculations of Cooling Rates and Spectral Emission of Gaseous Nebulae
Fisk Jr., Lennard 1969 Physics The behavior of cosmic rays in the interplanetary medium W. I. Axford
Brown, Robert  1969 Physics interstellar absorption of X-rays by photoionization of helium and molecular hydrogen R. Gould
Schwartz, Daniel A. 1969 Physics The Spatial Distribution of the Diffuse Component of Cosmic-X-Rays L. E. Peterson
Delmer, Thomas 1968 Physics Cosmic sources of infrared line emission R. Gould
Jacobson, Allan S. 1968 Physics A Search for Gamma-Rays Line Emissions from the Crab Nebula L. E. Peterson
Benford, Gregory 1967 Physics Nuclear Magnetic Relaxation in High Magnetic Fields by Plasma Modes and Impurity States R. Gould
Tucker, Wallace 1966 Physics Cosmic X-ray Sources G. Burbidge; R. Gould