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Program Information

The Department of Astronomy & Astrophysics offers over two dozen courses spanning lower and upper division. These include a suite of general education courses and specialized upper division courses designed for majors and minors.

General Requirements

For further information on general requirements for an undergraduate degree see the General Catalog, as well as check the requirements of your specified college.

General Degree Information

Course Catalog

The Astronomy & Astrophysics courses are being developed with the UC San Diego General Course Catalog.

Course Catalog

Schedule of Classes

Astronomy & Astrophysics courses will commence Fall 2024 quarter.

Schedule of Classes

Undergraduate Course Offerings

ASTR courses will be available for enrollment in Fall 2024.

The following table is the projected AY24/25 ASTR course offerings. This scheduled is tentative and subject to change.






1 Stars and Black Holes (GE) Konopacky
2 Galaxies and the Universe (GE) TBD
3 Planetary Systems Near and Far (GE) TBD
4 Life in the Universe (GE) TBD
15 Astronomy in Science Fiction (GE) Wright
18 Additional Topics in Classical Physics Arnold Arnold
20A Introduction to Astrophysics I Theissen
20B Introduction to Astrophysics II Konopacky
60 Antiracism in Physics and Astrophysics (GE & DEI) Burgasser
101 Astrophysical Dynamics Burgasser
102 Electrodynamics and Optics for Astrophysicists TBD
103 Dynamics of Radiation and Fluids Diamond
105 Fundamentals of Quantum Mechanics Boggs
106 Quantum Mechanics of Radiation, Atoms and Molecules Boggs
120 Stellar Astrophysics Tytler
122 Physical Cosmology Keres
123 Galaxies Keres
150 Observational Optical Laboratory Theissen
200 Survey of Astronomy Sandstrom
201 Radiative Processes Burgasser
202 Astrophysical Fluid Dynamics Diamond
210 Planets and Exoplanets Konopacky
211 Stellar Structure and Evolution TBD
220 Astronomical Instrumentation and Observational Techniques Wright
230 Special Topic (Elective) TBD
250 A&A Colloquium TBD TBD TBD
251 A&A Journal Club TBD TBD TBD
300 Astrophysical Teaching Training