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The Department of Astrophysics and Astrophysics is committed to fostering community engagement and supporting a diverse range of outreach initiatives that bring the wonders of astronomy to the public.

Examples of our outreach activities include:

  • Astronomy on Tap : Connect with the community in a relaxed setting, sharing fascinating insights into astronomy over beverages.
  • EXPO Day : Showcase the excitement of astrophysics at local science fairs, offering hands-on experiences for attendees of all ages.
  • Cosmic Tours : Provide guided tours of planetarium shows to K-12 schools in the San Diego County, offering an immersive tour of the night sky and the Universe.
  • BE WISE :Partnering with the Science Fleet Center promotes Women in Science and Engineering, creating a supportive environment for inclusivity in STEM fields.
  • Barrio Logan Science and Art Festival : Engage with the community in a celebration of science and art, fostering creativity and scientific curiosity.
  • Tech Trek : Summer program of middle-school aged kids that visit the campus for activities and demonstrations designed to ignite interest in science and technology.

Everyone in the Department of Astronomy & Astrophysics is encouraged to participate in outreach events if interested.

People who would like to hear more about events OR receive email requests for volunteers can sign up for the outreach volunteers mailing list by sending an email to